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The ability to manage your business and generate a profit is based solidly on the quality and timeliness of the information that you receive. AIMS Solutions Inc. will help you to get the most accurate information possible about the day to day operation of your business. We have worked with many companies (see testimonials), helping them improve their MIS (Management Information Systems) AIMS Solutions offer a complete menu of Systems Integration services, covering the complete range of activities needed to create systems for most applications projects . We will be there for you if you're just starting your company's automation, upgrading or improving the performance of your current system or expanding the connectivity between various systems. AIMS Solutions is the Systems Integration partner that you can count on, because your success is our success. Accounting Consulting

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Installations and Wirings

AIMS Solutions will take you through all the steps, from the purchase of the components through to a customized, complete and running environment. We can do everything for you at a comprehensive, competitive price in the shortest time possible. AIMS Solutions services include the following areas :

  • Unpacking, set-up and testing.Richmond BC Networking
  • Hardware assembly and configuration.vancouver infosoft accounting software and hardware
  • Peripheral and network cabling.vancouver infosoft accounting software and hardware
  • Software loading and configuration.vancouver infosoft accounting software and hardware
  • Applications software porting.InfoSoft Accounting Software
  • Electronic data file interactions.AIMS Networking Consulting
  • Existing systems relocating and re-wiring.Computing Consulting Richmond BC

No job is too big or too small. AIMS Solutions help you with everything from simple cable laying, to 56K Modem and Broadband High-Speed Internet sharing, to multiple terminals and printers connected to a Server, communications link or with networking facilities for workstations, PC's and Servers. We have in-depth experience with popular wiring specifications for most brand of peripherals and networking media connections.

Service and Support

Computers have come to play a more integral part of the modern business, and as such a company's success or failure may inadvertently depend on the integrity and efficiency of the computers incorporated. When your system goes down a larger and larger portion of your employees can't do their jobs, and your whole company STOPS, but the expenses keep rolling in. AIMS Solutions service and support agreements will provide you with responsive, fast, low cost, remedial service, preventative maintenance and support for SCO UNIX? Windows ? LAN and WAN based computer systems. For a low monthly fee, all parts, professional time and labour required to keep you system up and running are provided. You can have the peace of mind and confidence knowing that your system is being maintained and looked after by AIMS Solutions.

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At AIMS, we recognize that the key to your technology needs stem from our intellectual leadership and understanding of the industry.

Our commitment to continually educating our people is the AIMS difference when we're called upon to consult for your business. Staying on top of the technology trends enables us to produce solutions that provide a competitive advantage.

AIMS follows leading technologies that improve the economics of your business, moving beyond stand-alone products to create integrated solutions that incorporate world-class knowledge with superior engineering.